Health, Fitness and Sports

Fitness activities and sports are an avenue to maintaining health.  For a person with a disability, the available opportunities and options can be limited, and the tools to measure progress are fewer.

  • Emergency call systems allow a person living alone to call for assistance when it is needed while preserving autonomy in daily life.
  • Health monitoring and measurement systems allow an individual to accept responsibility for their health status.
  • Sports and recreation for a person with a disability are fewer, but adaptive equipment can assist.

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  • Emergency Call Systems (8) - When a person is in need of assistance (e.g. after a fall), call for help, either automatically or on command.
  • Medication Management (11) - Provide daily reminders to take prescribed medicines. Some systems also dispense pills on schedule.
  • Monitoring and Measurement Tools (27) - Monitor body weight, composition, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other health characteristics
  • Sports and Recreation (3) - Tools to assist a person with a disability in participating in recreational activities.
  • Other (4) - Products in the "Health, Fitness and Sports" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above