Media Players

Modern entertainment comes in a variety of media.  Many of the media players lack features to make them easily usable by people wlth physical or sensory limits.  Various accommodations do exist, however.

  • Personal music players can store hours of music, talking books, or other entertainment to be listened to.
  • Players often use batteries too quickly or have controls that are not accessible.  Docking the player gives it access to better speakers, larger controls, and power for the batteries.
  • Some radios have accessible features, and some accessible players have radio receivers.
  • Videos such as movies are often stored on DVDs for playback.  Some players have been designed for accessibility, and others can be modified for accessibility.
  • Screen magnifiers may make it possible to obtain information from a screen where the print is too small to be easily read.
  • Sometimes a video may need to be larger to be enjoyed.  Video magnifiers often have more features than still image magnifiers.
  • A person with hearing aids may need the sound at a level that is uncomfortable for other people in the area.  Magnetic or Bluetooth interfaces can send the sound directly to the user's hearing aids so that listening need not intrude.

What kind of accommodation are you looking for?

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