Braille labeled or coded

Keyboards that have braille labeling or input features.
Three variations of keyboards, one with number pad on right, one with number pad on left, and third with keys laid out similar to natural finger position on keyboard and number pad on right.

Computer keyboard system that features a Braille display, a Braille input keyboard, a standard keyboard that can be clipped onto the Braille display, and a numeric keypad.

Braille keyboard with 40 Braille cells

VarioUltra is a braille display that supports multiple simultaneous connections to your computer and mobile devices via 1 USB and 4 channels of Bluetooth. 

A compact braille device.

The BRAILLEX Live 20 is the smallest of the BRAILLEX family of braille devices.

Small blue braille keypad

Actilino is the compact note taker for blind users. 16 piece ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable every-day companion. In real time, Actilino displays information in Braille for tactile reading. Additionally, you get the speech output of the connected computer.

A black, rectangular handheld device with 14 braille cells and an 8-dot keyboard.

A portable braille computer designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind.

Front view of buttons and braille display; device fits in hand.

Portable 14-cell Braille display with five simultaneous Bluetooth connections and a USB 2.0 connection for a sixth. It provides access to mobile devices and personal computer systems.

A regular black keyboard with only 8 braille keys in place of letter keys in 2 groups of 4.

Braille keyboard that can be used in place of or in addition to the ordinary PC-keyboard for braille input on the PC.

Thin device with a 11 buttons and braille strip that is  slightly larger than the iPhone next to it

This portable battery operated compact Bluetooth keyboard is ideal for your smartphone, IPhone, IPAD, MAC, PC or PDA.  Includes a Perkins style Braille keyboard, Joystick, Control and Shift keys and 12 Cell Braille display.

A wedge-shaped keyboard device with standard keyboard keys arranged above and to either side of braille keys.

A braille keyboard replacement for a standard PC keyboard.

Sleek, minimalist Braille Cell Device with a row of button followed by braille.

Stand alone Braille display with a integrated keyboard.