Mouse Type

Is it a conventional mouse, a trackpad, or some other type of mouse?
A metal cylindrical device with a black tip and a nut that screws on the end.

A switch that works best when the eye-blink is the only movement the user is able to perform. The sensor is capable of discriminating between random eye-blinks and a purposeful, controlled eye-blink. 

Screenshot of Windows desktop with multiple windows open and pop outs magnifying two of the program's functions.

A multi-function, programmable, single-switch interface for Windows, offering a flexible means of independent control access to educational and productivity software, multimedia programs, and recreational activities.

Rounded square with a colorful abstract image on an easel and against a black background. The lowercase word sensory is at the bottom in a yellow band.

A simple to use, touch painting iOS app designed to enable people with special/complex needs to make attractive but unusual patterned paintings and drawings. 

Black square with a billowy shape inside and the outlined name of the app written across it.

An experimental app for people with special needs that combines the use of digital art and effects techniques created by Sensory over the years, alongside the influence of abstract expressionist artists.

A white and blue device resembling a typewriter, with a display panel at the top.

Direct selection or combination direct selection and scanning communicator, designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities.

White typewriter-like device, with black keys and an LCD display panel at the top.

Scanning and keyboard communicator designed for use by individuals with communication or speech disabilities.

A black carrying case next to a medium-sized, rectangular, and light-grey device with four square buttons. Next to it are two switch controls.

Scanning or direct selection communicator package designed for use by individuals with communication disabilities.

Screenshot of a menu featuring various icons overlayed across the right-hand side of a desktop home screen.

Eye-controlled communicator program and mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities and severe physical or neurological disabilities.

Screenshot of a Windows OS desktop application, featuring a menu bar and a three-pane program window. The window features an input box for a contact name and number, as well as a "missed call" log.

Voice-output telephone and caller identification (ID) program designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

The main screen of Clicker Communicator app offering a grid of options filled with picture symbols.

An augmentative and alternative communication app for the classroom designed to give a voice to learners with speech and language difficulties.