Accessibyte Arcade

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Product Description: 

Accessibyte Arcade is a collection of nine interactive and accessible computer games designed for students with learning disabilities, cognitive disabilities, or who are blind. Each game is designed from the ground up to be visually, audibly, and cognitively accessible to a wide spectrum of players. The user can choose from different font styles and sizes, different color options for text and background, save schemes so multiple students can play on the same machine, and customize the speed and pitch of the voices.

Main Features: 

  • Developed for a wide range of abilities.
  • Graduated challenge to match all skill levels.
  • Endless Extreme modes for advanced players.
  • Fully audible for players without vision.
  • Self-voicing.
  • No outside assistive technology required. 
  • Built specifically for players who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Visual Enhancements for low vision players.
  • Customize in-game text.
  • Big, bold distraction-free graphics.
  • Game graphics aren’t essential to gameplay.
  • Games:
    • Canteen and Hangman:
      • Stock your shop.
      • Sell items to make money.
      • Plan ahead for rainy days.
      • Get rich.
    • Samurai and Wizard's Tower:
      • Strike when you hear the shout.
      • Hone your patience.
      • Perfect your reflexes.
      • Challenge friends in versus mode.
    • Echo:
      • A timeless test of mental skill.
      • Retain and repeat the keypresses.
      • Can you maintain the echo?

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