Activity Trainer

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Product Description: 

Activity Trainer is a video lesson program designed for use by teachers of children with autism or learning disabilities. This software program enables teachers to use videos to teach almost any targeted activity or skill, from simple to complex. The program includes a library of activities (Academic, Communication, Social, Speech, Non-Verbal Imitation, Self Help, and others), which can be customized or modified, and the user can also create activities.

Main Features: 

  • Activity Skills Library provides hundreds of videos with still images, audio, text, and worksheet resources to teach hand-on skills including Academic, Daily Living, Communication, Social, Recreation, and Vocational Skills.
  • Unlimited Students with individualized videos and resources with prompt levels targeting specific student needs. The AT remembers where each student is on each activity, so they can work on many different skill sets at once.
  • Data Collection includes automatic date/time stamp and run count of videos, provides for the addition of notes, and allows for easy recording of results for prompt level required for student success on each run (Independent, Shadow, Gesture, Verbal, Physical) with choice of intensity levels 1-5.
  • Built-in task analysis for activities.
  • Activity Schedules can be created to help student use newly learned activities and skills in a structured visual schedule format. Schedule is configurable to meet student needs. Classroom view allows for students to take turns completing their specific schedules.
  • Users can add videos to the¬†Activity Trainer under the User Library under the Activity Library Tab. This feature allows the user to customize targeted activities for specific settings, procedures, and materials.

More Information: 

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