Amazon Echo (Various Models)

Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show
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Product Description: 

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker users control with their voice that is linked to the Amazon Alexa Voice Service, a virtual assistant. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather broadcasts, and more. The Echo can also control a user's "smart home" features with its built-in environmental control capabilities, allowing the user to control their lights or window blinds, for example, with voice commands.


The Echo has seven microphones and beamforming technology so it can hear the user from across the room. Echo can also be used as a speaker that can fill a room with 360° immersive sound. 

Echo Plus

This model features larger speakers with enhanced two-way sound, as well as a built-in hub for smart home control.

Echo Dot

A small and portable model, designed to fit anywhere in a house and be activated via voice command from across the room, if necessary.  

Echo Spot

Small and portable, similar to the Dot, but also features a small LCD screen for viewing content.

Echo Show

Resembling a tablet, the Show features a medium-sized screen large enough to be viewed across the room. This model is designed to be placed in a kitchen or other room where users need to frequently search for content via voice command, and/or watch videos while working some distance away from the device.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • Connects to Alexa to play music, read the news, set alarms and timers, answer questions, control compatible smart home devices, and more.
  • User can ask for a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and more. With multi-room music, it is possible to play music on compatible Echo devices in different rooms. Echo can also play Audible audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, and more.
  • Users can use their voice to adjust equalizer settings or pair with another Echo (2nd Gen) for stereo sound.
  • Possible to make hands-free calls.  User can "drop in" on other rooms in their home or make an announcement to every room with a compatible Echo device.
  • Features seven microphones and noise cancellation. Echo hears from any direction, including while music is playing.
  • Possible to use voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, find TV shows, and more with compatible connected devices.
  • Alexa regularly adds new skills, like tracking fitness, playing games, and more.

The Echo Plus includes these additional features:

  • Larger speakers with enhanced two-way sound. 
  • Built-in hub for smart home control.

The Echo Dot and Spot include these additional features:

  • Small and portable. Can fit in most places around the home.

The Echo Dot includes these additional features:

  • Access Alexa all over the house, from Echo devices in any room.

The Echo Spot includes these additional features:

  • Echo Spot is built with multiple layers of protection and privacy controls. Users can press the ‘microphone/camera off’ button to electronically disconnect the microphones and camera.
  • 2.5-inch screen.

The Echo Show includes these additional features:

  • 10" HD screen for watching videos, movies, and TV shows. 
  • Users can personalize the screen with their photos or ask Alexa to show photos.
  • Possible to watch movies and shows from Prime Video, stream live TV with a Hulu subscription, or music videos from Vevo. See song lyrics and album art with Amazon Music or stream from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Audible and more.
  • Make video calls to anyone with Skype, the Alexa app, an Echo Spot, or Echo Show.
  • Possible to watch recipe videos, cook along to step-by-step recipes, set timers, and add items to a shopping list.
  • Users can see and talk to the front door with a doorbell camera and 2-way audio.

The Echo Spot and Echo Show include these additional features:

  • On Echo devices with screens, users can enable Alexa captioning and closed captioning, magnify the screen, toggle color inversion, and choose between color correction options. Users can also enable the VoiceView screen reader to use gestures to navigate the screen and hear spoken feedback about the items they select.

Primary Specifications: 

These specifications are common to all versions:

  • Requires an Internet connection and power connection (wall outlet).

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website about the Amazon Echo.

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