Articulate It! Pro

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Product Description: 

Articulate it! is an articulation training app for use by speech and language therapists and parents working with children who have communication or speech disabilities, it is designed to help children practice the correct pronunciation of their English sounds.

Main Features: 

  • It comes with over 2,00 images in all sounds of the English language, audio recordings for every word present in the program, and all phonemes of the English language.
  • A child can practice saying sounds on his/her own by repeating the voice in the program and skip images he/she does not want to practice.
  • The program allows a therapist or parent to take notes during practice.
  • It includes the ability to track multiple students at the same time with separate goals.
  • Comes with the ability to group sounds by the manner of articulation or phonological processes.
  • Built-in voice recording that allows a child to compare his/her pronunciation with the audio recording.
  • Specific result screens that give a child's percentage based on phonemes, position in the words and which words were missed.
  • Includes 15 themes that can change the look and feel of the app.
  • Themes refresh practice sessions and make them more interesting and engaging for the child.
  • It is certified by The REMLE Project to adhere to evidence-based practices and, based on the results of the study, effective in the treatment of the triad of impairments.
  • Users can add their own words & images to the app.
  • Built-in audio.
  • Flashcard & matching game mode.
  • Voice recorder & Camera mode.
  • Built-in Homework.
  • Generate Certificates for the students.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

More Information: 

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