Big Browser

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

BigBrowser is an Internet browsing application designed to help low vision users more easily navigate the web on their iPads. It’s extra large keyboard and controls, expanded pinch zooming, and multiple color themes make content easy to read.

Main Features: 

  • Large, easy to use navigation controls (double tap 'back' button to review browsing history)
  • Easy access to various color themes using sliding navigation access
  • Enhanced pinch zooming for greater magnification
  • Easy-to-read browsing history and favorites page
  • Large search and URL fields
  • Easy-delete buttons to quickly clear text fields
  • Quick-access URL extension buttons (.com, .org, .net, etc.)
  • Quick dismiss/deploy controls to hide/unhide the keyboard and navigation controls (simply select the big blue "B" to dismiss/deploy)
  • Three browser window tabs
  • VoiceOver functionality
  • Quick access to Braille Institute resources, website, Facebook page, etc

More Information: 

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