Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Product Description: 

The BJOY Chin allows computer control with your chin. Its small size, position of the buttons, accuracy and all the mounting options and possibilities make this mouse a versatile device. It can be tailored to the user’s needs and capabilities and the operation can be customized using the BJOY Software.

Main Features: 

  • Use the BJOY Software to modify the function of each button, the cursor speed, the orientation, and other parameters.
  • All settings are stored in the device so users can use their customized mouse to access any device.
  • Analog joystick: free movement in all directions.
  • Possibility to adapt to the user's position.
  • The cursor speed depends on the action over the joystick.
  • Anti-allergenic head.
  • Very sensitive joystick.
  • Customization options:
  • Selection of the type of handle.
    • Having switch inputs.
    • Provide access to people with imprecise movements.
  • Plug & Play USB device.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Size: 130 x 120 x 55 mm.
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS.

More Information: 

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