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Product Description: 

Blitab is an Android tablet combined with a smart Braille surface that creates a full page of tactile text and graphics at a time. It offers touch navigation, text-to-speech output, and Perkins-style keyboard application for users with low or no vision. As an Android tablet, it has Wi-fi, Bluetooth and can run Android Apps. Disruptive actuating technology is at the core and is still in a prototype stage.

Main Features: 

  • Disruptive actuating technology converts any document into Braille text; the tablet’s glass is perforated into a grid with holes, for the creation of little smart dots (“tixels”) that raise immediately from the surface to output content in the Braille alphabet and then fall down again when the text changes.
  • Slightly thicker than an iPad, but with two separate display fields:
    • On the top half is a multi-line braille display with 14 rows each with 23 6-dot braille cells where the "tixels" will output content.
    • On the tablet’s bottom half, an Android touch screen:
      • the Home screen displays a variety of Android apps that users can select- an app to read a book, type an email, or web browse using their voice.
    • Multipurpose touchscreen with Text-to-Speech software: Option to pair tactile reading with VoiceOver.
    • Also, the tablet displays the braille on the top portion of the device and the visual text on the bottom half, making it easy for teachers, parents or peers to follow along.
  • Input text content via SD card or USB stick with various formats, like PDF, DOCx, TXT.
  • Writing: The Blitab uses an on-screen 8-key braille input similar to most braille devices (plus space bar). The top half of the tablet displays the document in braille. The lower half of the tablet has the text in print in a text box and the braille on-screen keyboard below that.

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