Compact Keyboard (Generic)

This is not a page for a specific "Compact Keyboard". It is a placeholder for the many Compact Keyboard that are out on the market. Because there are so many of them, and they are easy to find by doing an internet search, we do not attempt to include them in our database. See the More Information section for suggested search terms to use.

Product Description: 

Compact keyboards are mini keyboards—usually without a numeric keypad. These can be useful for some persons with disabilities because their small size reduces the range of motion and reach needed to access all areas of the keyboard. Additionally, their smaller size means that a mouse can be positioned closer to the user and that more desk space is available for any additional assistive devices needed.

Main Features: 

These are common features found with this type of product. Not all products will have all features - so look at individual products to find the ones that provide the features you need.

  • Small and lightweight; compact design.
  • Key size/lettering is typically the same size as standard keyboards.
  • Wired (USB) or Bluetooth wireless models available.

Where To Buy: 

This is a generic entry. This type of product is available from many vendors. Type or paste the following search phrase into your preferred web browser: “mini keyboard," "travel keyboard," "compact keyboard," "mobile keyboard."

Options & Accessories: 

  • One-handed design, with adjustable sticky keys and hot key shortcut functions.
  • Bluetooth wireless.
  • Built-in card reader (credit cards, security IDs, etc.).

Primary Specifications: 

  • Supports Windows and/or Mac OS X (note: some models may not be universally compatible).
  • Requires USB or Bluetooth connectivity.

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