Cordless Switch Interface

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Product Description: 

The Cordless Switch Interface is a computer switch interface and mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with fine motor, neurological, or upper extremity disabilities. This unit provides a place to plug switches into a computer without having to connect a cable to the computer.

Main Features: 

  • The Cordless Switch Interface for PC & Mac provides a place to plug switch(es) into a computer, without having to connect a cable to a computer. 
  • The dual switch version has 2 switch inputs.  When users plug a switch into one of its 2 jacks, the switch(es) ‘becomes’ standard mouse-clicks, and with the installation of the accompanying software, each button can be configured to serve as any mouse-button or keystroke.
  • The single switch version just has 1 switch input, which can also be 'defined' as virtually any mouse function or keystroke.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Available for Windows, Mac, and as a Single Switch CSI. 

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