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Dakim BrainFitness is a Web-based brain training and cognitive skills and memory improvement system designed to enhance or maintain memory and other cognitive functions in seniors, people with cognitive, neurological or memory disabilities or individuals with brain injury.

Main Features: 

  • Designed to improve cognitive performance in memory (immediate and delayed) and language abilities — as users strengthen attention, focus, and concentration.
  • Features a comprehensive brain-training program based on Dakim's patented NuroLogic Technology that tailors the focus and the level of challenge of the exercises in real-time to maximize the effectiveness of every brain training session.
  • Includes more than 100 different scientifically-based and intellectually-challenging cognitive exercise types — and thousands of individual exercises.
  • The exercises feature videos, graphics, music, and humor.
  • The benefits of increased cognitive performance could include:
    • Remember facts, lists, names, and faces more easily.
    • Organize thoughts more rapidly.
    • Hold more ideas in your head at one time.
    • Find the right word when you need it.
    • Perform complex calculations in your head.
    • Remember more details of what you read.
    • Quickly evaluate information and make decisions in less time.
  • Also can help develop a cognitive reserve (a reserve of neural connections), so that brainpower will be there in the future.

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