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Product Description: 

Dicom is word prediction software to help when typing in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, Notepad, Wordpad, Office Writer, as well as any other software that the user may be led to write on the keyboard (address bar of the internet browser, forms, instant messaging). It can be used with synthetic speech.

Main Features: 

  • Version 1.3 allows the use of DICOM in any language if the user retrieves a dictionary and a synthetic voice in that language.
  • A link to an English dictionary is provided as well as a link to Microsoft's voice download page.
  • A manual is available and outlines the procedures for downloading and use.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Version 1.3: Compatible with Windows 8.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Version 1.1 ( XP compatible and below ).
  • ClavicomNG+ is a virtual on-screen keyboard that integrates a virtual mouse module ( Souricom ) and this word prediction module (Dicom) with the use of a synthetic voice.

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