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The HomeSaver is a home emergency monitoring system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, hearing disabilities, and seniors. It allows users to remotely monitor and control systems from any telephone, anywhere. Also serving as a freeze alarm and a high or low-temperature alarm, it can interface with and monitor temperature sensors, door switches, motion detectors, heating, and cooling systems, freezers and refrigerated spaces, and greenhouses and animal buildings and alert to power outages.

Main Features: 

  • Includes Temperature sensors, door switches, motion detectors, heating and cooling systems, freezers and refrigerated spaces, greenhouses and animal buildings, server and equipment rooms, and power outages.
  • Users can call HomeSaver at any time to hear actual temperatures, request the status of any sensor connected to the system and listen in on their home with its sensitive microphone. Additionally, HomeSaver can call or page users if the power fails, the temperature goes above or drops below a user-defined level, a motion sensor or glass breakage detector is tripped, or a moisture sensor detects water.
  • With Caller-ID on Call Waiting (CIDCW) capable telephone equipment, HomeSaver can display information on the CallerID readout, making it suitable for the hearing impaired or use within noisy environments.
  • HomeSaver will soon be able to “listen” for loud noises like smoke or intrusion alarms using digital signal processing to differentiate between an actual alarm or a loud noise. Users can dial in and hear all sounds on the property from anywhere in the world; verifying the presence of an alarm, large water leaks, intruders, unauthorized parties, etc. Users can easily hear a whisper in the room more than 20 feet away from the unit.

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