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Product Description: 

iRead is a text recognition software that uses a scanner to have text documents read aloud. iRead is optimized for use with screen readers such as ZoomText, SuperNova, Jaws, etc. As a tool for people who have low or no vision, there is only one keystroke between the start of the program and the reading of the printed text.

Main Features: 

  • iRead automatically recognizes the scanner or camera and uses the best settings for the connected model. 
  • iRead informs the user about the orientation of the scanned document when another key is pressed.
  • Scans multiple pages with batch scanning.
  • iRead detects page rotation and automatically starts reading without having to press a key. Text recognition will start as soon as the last page has been read. Combined with an A3 camera, this is ideal for reading an entire newspaper and having it read out aloud.
  • To have documents (PDF, JPEG, etc.) read aloud, they only have to be imported into iRead. iRead corrects ambiguities and reads the text from the document.
  • It is capable of importing images in different formats. Text within an image is detected and added to the document. Perspective distortions and misalignments will be corrected automatically by iRead.
  • Navigates through titles, text, and bookmarks. Uses the search function to search for a word in the text.
  • Headings are automatically detected by iRead during the scanning process and an overview is immediately made. This unique function makes it possible to navigate from heading to heading.
  • Choose whether iRead should read the scanned text per sentence, per word or letter and whether it should analyze the layout to give a complete overview of the document.
  • Texts can be exported to Word or other formats.

Primary Specifications: 

  • For a complete reading system: The software iRead needs a Windows-PC with scanner and screen reader.

Options & Accessories: 

  • iRead: free trial demo version
  • IRead Now: the camera/scanner that can be used with iRead software for text recognition and importing documents to be read aloud.
  • iRead is designed and optimized for the use in combination with screen reader programs. One of the leading screen readers like Zoomtext with speech or JAWS may be used or the free screen reader NVDA with iRead. NVDA works well in the combination with a Handy Tech Braille display.

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