It's Done!

Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Approximate Cost: $3.00


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Product Description: 

It’s Done! is a cognitive aid, medication reminder program, and prompter designed for use by individuals with cognitive or memory disabilities or brain injury. The app allows people to use their smartphone as a task organizer or scheduler and can confirm whether they have completed a routine task.

Main Features: 

  • Can notify others by text or email when a task is done.
  • The user can select from 40 everyday tasks in the Task Library or create their own tasks.
  • Pre-loaded tasks include lock back or front door; turn off stove; take morning or evening medication; feed the pet; close garage door; lock the car, and turn off the iron.
  • Tasks can be set up to repeat daily or at scheduled intervals.
  • Each completed task is confirmed with a date/time stamp and stored in the app’s history.
  • The user can un-check a task and mark “done” again with a new date/time stamp for tasks that need to be done multiple times a day.
  • Tasks can be categorized and prioritized according to type and importance.
  • It lets users view dates and times of all completed tasks, and see how many times they’ve done them.
  • Shows a bold checkmark, plays a "click" sound, and makes the phone vibrate when a task is completed.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or later on Apple devices.

More Information: 

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