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This product has been discontinued.

Product Description: 

MediMemory is a medication reminder app for people with cognitive disabilities or memory issues who need to take medications regularly. It is designed to remind people to take their medications at the proper times and in the proper amounts.

Main Features: 

  • Stores details of each medication the user needs to take, including quantity purchased, frequency and dosage, an image of the medication, prescribing doctors, individual prescriptions, and notes on the medication.
  • Sends the user reminders when it is time to take each medication.
  • Upon receiving a reminder, the user can indicate whether he/she has taken the medicine, wants to be reminded again later, or has skipped taking the medicine this time.
  • The response provided is used to track the amount of medicine currently at home.
  • When the user's medicine stock is getting low, the app provides a warning and offers a shopping list of all medicines that should be purchased. Offers access to the user's medicine usage history, schedule change history, travel tools (including schedule adjustments for time zone changes), and storage of information on the user's medical condition.

Primary Specifications: 

  • For use with the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • Requires Apple iOS 3.0 or later.

Options & Accessories: 

  • Offered in a free Lite version to enable users to┬átry MediMemory before purchasing the full product.
  • Available languages are English and German.

More Information: 

This product is discontinued by the manufacturer, but it may still be available for purchase from third party vendors. Try searching the product by name on the internet. Be careful as the manufacturer may no longer support it - or support it for long.