Mind Express 4

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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Mind Express 4 is a Windows-based program that provides dynamic pages for augmentative and alternative communication via pictures and text and can be used for everyday communication and as a therapeutic and educational tool. It contains many symbols and pictures and enables users to create cells and vocabularies, new exercises, or original therapy games.

Main Features: 

  • Includes features for multimedia, calendars, agendas, dynamic lists, and freestyle pages.
  • Users can create cells and vocabularies, develop an exercise or create an original therapy game.
  • The user selects pictures and symbols and then the program makes words and phrases that are then spoken in a clear voice. The built-in grammar module automatically conjugates the verbs.
  • Symbols can be modified. Change a symbol’s colors. Add drawings, photographs or combine multiple symbols in one cell.
  • Dynamic lists, which enables users to use extensive vocabulary in a limited number of cells and without the need to create additional pages.
  • Cells can contain letters and words. A cell can also contain an entire sentence. Symbols help both literate and non-literate users by speeding up recognition of message content.
  • Word prediction - whether or not accompanied by an associated symbol - and sentence prediction increases the speed of communication even further.
  • Enables users to write simple sentences and letters. They can be spoken, saved or printed. The message window is the word processor and is used to build sentences and letters with symbols and text.
  • Can launch other programs and as a keyboard to type in other programs. Mind Express 4 can even fully control your computer.
  • Supports various options for selecting cells via touchscreen, mouse, trackball, head control, eye control or switches.
  • The different scanning modes make Mind Express 4 accessible to people who use one or two switches.
  • The various control options can be fully customized to the skills of the user.

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