Mini Keyboards (Various Models)

M32, M42ro, M42tm, M52ro, M82ro, M82ta
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Device modifier
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Product Description: 

Smaller keyboards designed for individuals with very little power and little ability to operate a traditional keyboard.


The "keys" of this disability keyboard are small, closely spaced recesses in the surface. The keys are triggered by a very lightweight magnetic rod that is adaptable in size and shape to the disability.


This keyboard has smooth, small keys arranged in a very small space. The rotation of a trackball controls the mouse movement and the M42 controls the movement of the finger on a touchpad.


This keyboard has smooth, small keys arranged in a very small space. The movement of the finger on a touchpad controls the cursor.


This keyboard is built into a console housing, which provides for a hand rest and manual guidance from the keypad to the integrated mouse in the form of a smooth, medium-sized trackball. 


The keyboard has smooth small keys and a 25mm trackball. It features a flat keyboard insert with soft rounded edges in the console housing with different layout variants possible.


A mini keyboard with rounded webs between the keys so the keys can be lowered. This increases operating safety and enables support on the fixed webs.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • Keyboard layout corresponds to that of a normal keyboard. 
  • Keys are fully 1-finger-operated. 
  • Keys such as Shift and Ctrl "snap" (display via LEDs) and act on the subsequently typed character. 
  • Due to the possibility of switching to a second drawing level, the keyboards can be used to generate all the characters and key combinations that a standard keyboard realizes.

M32 includes these additional features:

  • The small, lightweight case can be placed on the table or positioned using an optional tripod.
  • The control pin is light and the method of operation is adjustable.

M42ro and M42tm include these additional features:

  • Various mouse functions can also be triggered by tapping the area.
  • All click functions are always available via buttons.

M52ro includes these additional features:

  • The scanning of the rolling ball movement is carried out optically.

M82ro includes these additional features:

  • Narrow spacer bars between the keys in both the column and the line.
  • Users can slide their finger along the bars without pressing any buttons.

M82ta includes these additional features:

  • The mouse control for 8 directions and the functions of the right and the left mouse button is switchable via the numeric keypad.
  • Moving the numeric keypad to the left or a layout optimized for left-handed operation is possible.

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See Manufacturer's website. 

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