Nasometer II

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Product Description: 

The Nasometer II is a microcomputer-based speech training system for measuring and providing biofeedback on nasalance problems for individuals with cleft palate, motor speech disorders, hearing disabilities, and other conditions. A pair of microphones, separated by a horizontal barrier, record separately the acoustic output from a speaker's nose and mouth, and this information is then transferred to the computer.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Supports evidence-based treatment: Nasometer II provides objective measure of nasalance. Numerous clinical studies have shown that nasalance correlates with perceptual assessment of nasal speech and can be used to support evidence-based clinical practice.
  • Easy to use: Nasometer II utilizes a set of built-in, standardized assessment passages and picture stimuli for children. These easy-to-use assessment tools minimize variability in application and help produce accurate results.
  • Improves therapy results: The Nasometer II offers real-time processing for immediate visual and auditory biofeedback of nasalance measures. Studies have shown that the Nasometer II accelerates patient acquisition of therapy goals.

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