Play Attention (Various Models)


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Product Description: 

Play Attention is a biofeedback-based cognitive and behavioral training program designed for use by children with cognitive or learning disabilities affecting attention, concentration, or focus.

Play Attention

The system includes a sensor-lined helmet that is worn by the child. Users complete a series of video game-like exercises that are controlled by the mind alone and can see and hear real-time feedback of how they are progressing in focusing, finishing tasks, increasing memory, and filtering out distractions.

Play Attention iLab

Includes standard features, but the iLab edition was designed for use in an educational lab setting, and one or two staff members can manage large classes to increase attention, memory, cognitive skills, and shape behavior. 

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • Play Attention, due to its mindfulness feature, creates a direct, visible connection between behavior and attention.
  • A full behavior shaping program is featured in Play Attention. Users can learn to self-regulate without punishment or tears.
  • Nanny’s Circle, an online app that helps manage behaviors and routines and rewards the effort.
  • Play Attention comes with a coach so users can receive guidance regarding family management.
  • Social cues, basic math, homework help, motor skills, auditory processing, and more apps are available.

Play Attention iLab includes these features:

  • Master monitor station where users can view student data in real-time.
  • Automatically flag students who need immediate assistance.
  • Select a student from the master monitor station and watch their gameplay in real-time.

Options & Accessories: 

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