Poet Compact (Various Models)

2, 2+
Product Type: 
Primary device
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Product Description: 

All-in-one reading machine with built-in stereo loudspeakers directed towards the listener to ensure sound is clear. 

Poet Compact 2

This model is the basic model with only 2 buttons. 

Poet Compact 2+

This model is for more advanced users who prefer more features.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all models:

  • Minimum controls.
  • Stand-alone, all-in-one unit.
  • Clear accurate speech.
  • Pleasing human-like inflection.
  • Multiple languages on request.
  • Low energy consumption.
  •  Integrated flatbed scanner.
  • Modern speech synthesizer.
  • Tactile buttons with sensible pressing click feedback and touch tones.

Poet Compact 2 includes these additional features:

  • 1 on/off button and 2 control knobs.
  • Two buttons: The first button scans and recognizes texts. The second button is the pause button and stops and starts the speech immediately.
  • The control knobs are used to adjust the volume and reading speed.
  • All controls are located on the front panel.

Poet Compact 2+ includes these additional features:

  • Has a front panel that offers more controls and possibilities: Access to menu functions, speech settings, plug-ins, CD-drive for listening to DAISY-books, etc.
  • CD drive for MP3, DAISY and more.
  • USB Port for MP3, TXT, RTF, and DOC data transfer.
  • Document management system.
  • MP3 functions: Generate and transfer Text-to-Speech on external devices.
  • 3 buttons, 1 menu keypad, 1 on/off button and 2 control knobs.

Primary Specifications: 

These specifications are common to all models:

  • Voltage: Universal power supply (100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz).
  • Size and weight: 
    • 28 × 46 × 10 cm (appr. 11 × 18.1 x 3.9 in.).
    • 5,8 kg (appr. 12.8 lbs.).

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website about Poet Compact 2 and Poet Compact 2+.