FPS, Singleton, and Original
Product Type: 
Device modifier
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Approximate Cost: $450.00


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Product Description: 

The QuadStick provides a hands-free way to play modern video games on consoles and personal computers. It is a sip/puff joystick that emulates a USB or Bluetooth mouse, keyboard or game controller and is designed for people with limited upper extremity mobility. It is available in three versions: 


It has a joystick, four sip/puff pressure sensors and a Lip position sensor that can be assigned to output to any game controller button or axis, or any mouse movement. It has a larger, more precise joystick than the original model.  


It has a joystick and a single sip/puff sensor for users who do not need the complexity of a game controller and wish to operate a personal computer.


It has the same sip/puff sensor and software capabilities as the FPS model, with a less expensive joystick gimbal.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • The mouthpiece attaches through Luer fitting that can include an optional filter for multi-user applications.
  • Replacement mouthpieces are available in two styles, the short round mouthpiece, and the long tapered mouthpiece.
  • Quadstick's pattern recognition ability to use sips and puffs along with specific movements allows the user to produce a variety of mouse and keyboard functions.

Primary Specifications: 

  • It needs a mounting arm to hold it in front of the user. 

Options & Accessories: 

Quadstick offers three choices in mounting arm kits:

  • The Magic Arm kit is the strongest and stiffest mounting arm kit.  It consists of a Super Clamp, a 20" long Pivot arm and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.
  • The Articulated Arm has three joints that allow it to be moved in many directions.  The kit includes a Super Clamp, a 22" long Articulated Arm and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.
  • The Flexible Arm kit is a heavy-duty bendable goose-neck arm, plus a Super Clamp and a short Double Socket arm that attaches to the back of the Quadstick.

These Accessories are common to all versions:

  • The CronusMax Plus:  a versatile device that can connect between the Quadstick, a game console, and optionally, a Windows PC.
  • The Brook Super Converter offers a simpler and less expensive alternative to the CronusMax Plus for basic connections to the Xbox One console.
  • The UltraStik 360 is an arcade-style analog joystick. It can be used as a second joystick or switch inputs.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer’s website.