Scrible (Various Editions)

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Product Description: 

Scrible is a Google Chrome Extension designed to assist with online research. The extension allows users to save information, annotate articles, and organize research directly online without needing to use word processing software or other offline applications.


Allows users to bookmark, annotate, and tag articles within Google Chrome.  

Scrible EDU Students

Includes more advanced features, like 1-click citations and bibliography generation and full integration with Google Docs.  

Scrible EDU Teacher

Allows teachers to perform analytics and track students' work, as well as give assignments directly within the extension. 

Scrible EDU Administrators

Offers school-wide advanced features and licensing options.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions: 

  • Users can:
    • Save webpages for later.
    • Bookmark websites in the cloud.
    • Store files in the cloud.
    • Build a custom library of articles, and organize it with tags.
    • Perform full-text searches within the Library.
    • Annotate articles directly in the browser.
    • Make comments directly on webpages.
    • Share annotated articles with others.

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