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Product Description: 

SENSwitcher is a suite of programs designed to help teach early ICT skills to people with profound and multiple learning difficulties, those who need to develop skills with assistive input devices and very young children new to computers. SENSwitcher targets ICT skills from purely experiential through cause and effect, step building, timed activation, targeting, and row scanning.

Main Features: 

  • SENSwitcher was designed as a progressive teaching and assessment tool and is accompanied by an 18-page set of teacher's notes together with assessment records, developmental skills progression models and small step checklists linked to the QCA P Levels for ICT. 

Primary Specifications: 

  • Uses Flash and is suitable for OSX, Linux, and Windows.

More Information: 

This product is a freeware software available for free download off of the internet from or search for: "open source freeware SENSwitcher."