Signtel Interpreter

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Product Description: 

The Signtel Interpreter & Signtel Interpreter Voice Recognition (VR) recognizes and translates English speech and text into Sign Language. It has a comprehensive dictionary-engine that recognizes and translates over 30,000 English words and 1,400 English idioms & phrases.

Main Features: 

  • Translates Speech or text into Sign Language.  
  • Multiple meaning words are accurately differentiated and signed correctly. In English such words as “store” or “add” are written the same however signed differently according to their meaning. 
  • Entire numerical system signed correctly.  Including money, time, dates, phone & decimals codes. There is a different sign for four o’clock; fourth of August; house number four or four dollars yet in English they all look like “4”. 
  • Names are correctly fingerspelled. A name such as Mr. Brown is correctly distinguished from the different signs for the color brown. Mrs. Stone is fingerspelled vs. the sign for stone.  
  • 1,400 idioms and phrases correctly translated to Sign Language "cool as a cucumber” is translated to the sign for “calm” or “raining cats and dogs” is translated to the sign for “pouring rain”. 
  • Forced fingerspelling. Users can force the system to fingerspell any word/sign. 
  • Double letters show proper movement. To differentiate the number of letters, signs such as “bb” or “bbbb” show a side-to-side hand movement, while a single letter “b” would not have a side-to-side movement.
  • Pop up video box. With our pop up video box feature users can easily translate any text such as from a web page or text document. 
  • Two-way communication.  Use the 2-way communication feature with speech recognition or typed text translated into sign language for communication between a hearing and deaf person. 
  • Speech recognition. State of the art Philips Speech recognition translates speech into text and sign language. (Voice recognition version only).
  • Auxiliary word feature automatically removes words/signs such as "to" "the" "are" "am"  "be" to make translation and Sign Language in step with American Sign Language ASL. 
  • Drag & drop saving feature. Use this feature to quickly & easily save text/sign language from the Signtel Interpreter. Or drag & drop a saved file directly into the Signtel Interpreter.
  • Lip reading. The signing model clearly enunciates each word signed for the benefit of people who read lips.
  • Computer-generated voice. Audio synchronized with Sign Language video.
  • Spell checker built into the text box.
  • Dictionary. Signtel Sign Language dictionary on-screen includes multiple meaning words. 
  • Pause, forward, and rewind to any desired word or segment of text.
  • Adjustable Speed of signing.  The speed of signing can be adjusted from very slow to extremely fast signing. 
  • Words being signed are highlighted in green.
  • Text or Dictionary windows can be removed leaving only the signing window on the screen.

Primary Specifications: 

Minimum System Requirements:  

  • FULL VERSION (Signtel Interpreter Voice Recognition)
    • Processor: Pentium Celeron 500 MHz Pentium III 700 MHz. 
    • Memory 128 MB 256MB. 
    • Free Hard Drive Space 2GB 4GB CD-ROM Drive 24X 24X.
    • Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 2000. 
    • Accessories: Sound Card, Speakers, & Microphone.    
  • TEXT -ONLY VERSION (Signtel Interpreter)
    • Processor: Pentium 233 MMX, Pentium MMX 266 MHz Pentium Celeron 333 MHz. 
    • Memory 32MB 64MB. 
    • Free Hard Drive Space 1GB 2GB CD-ROM Drive 24X 24X.
    • Operating System. Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP. 
    • Accessories: = Sound Card & Speakers.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer's website.