Speaking Spelling (Various Editions)

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Product Description: 

Speaking Spelling is a spelling tutorial program with voice output designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision.

Speaking Spelling

The program has both test-creation and record-keeping functions for teachers. The program can create an electronic spelling test from a printed spelling drill or word list. Tests can be in multiple-choice format, or the program can read words from a list aloud for the student to spell on the computer. Instructions, tips, and encouragement can be added. Audio feedback is presented by one of several animated characters, including child and adult characters. The program can also grade tests and fill out report cards. 

Speaking Spelling Pro

For teachers and administers, this edition is fully network-compatible and licensed for up to 35 computers in one area. Students' data is updated every minute, and educators can monitor students' progress from their workstation.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • Features MarvelTalk human speech.
  • Improve children's spelling skills, easily customize for students' individual needs.
  • Loaded with easy-to-use test-creation and record-keeping functions.
  • Features thousands of pre-selected words (in 24 ready-to-take tests) for students from grades 2-10.
  • Create unlimited tests; randomize questions. Add directions and multiple-choice questions to tests.
  • Create lists of words, and have Speaking Spelling announce the word to be spelled instead of showing it on the screen for independent testing.
  • Audio and visual feedback provided throughout.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
  • Package Weight: about 1.8 ounces.

More Information: 

See Manufacturer’s website about Speaking Spelling.

See Manufacturer’s website about Speaking Spelling Pro.