Text To Speech Online (Various Models)

ReadSpeaker TextAid, docReader, webReader, formReader, speechCloud API
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Product Description: 

Text To Speech Online is a series of cloud-based programs that speech-enable websites and apps to enhance their accessibility and make written content available to more people. The programs are designed for website owners, educational institutions, corporations, non-profits, and government bodies.

ReadSpeaker TextAid

A tool for read-aloud reading, writing, and studying that helps teachers and institutions face accessibility challenges. It uses bimodal presentation and aspects of Universal Design for Learning to let students listen to an audio version of content while reading along with the highlighted text. The text can come from websites, emails, scanned documents, textbooks, and PDFs.

ReadSpeaker webReader

Enables users to create an audio version of their website and makes the content available to a larger population of Internet users, such as those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, language learners, the elderly, and anyone else looking for a way to access digital content on the go.

ReadSpeaker docReader

Makes documents more accessible by enabling users to view and listen to them on any device with no plugins required.

ReadSpeaker formReader

Provides users with vocal assistance when they fill out forms.

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API

An online text-to-speech API for making desktop/web/mobile applications and Internet-connected devices talk.

Main Features: 

These features are common to all versions:

  • More than 200 natural-sounding voices in over 50 languages (link to voices) read content out loud on any device, with no downloads or plugins required.
  • Dictionaries and pronunciation are customizable to meet specific needs and industry-specific terminology.
  • Customer service team provides implementation, linguistic, and development support.
  • Usage statistics enable users to see how many times their website or mobile app has been listened to.

ReadSpeaker TextAid includes these additional features:

  • Copy and paste in any text to have it read.
  • Listen to text in uploaded documents.
  • Read scanned documents and images.
  • One-click web reading with the ‘TextAid Web Reader’.
  • Have the text highlighted as you read.
  • Adjustable reading speed.
  • Read in 21 languages.
  • Reading ruler and screen masking help you focus on the text.
  • Talking Calculator reads numbers and calculations.
  • Customizable text display provides more comfortable reading, with different fonts including OpenDyslexic.
  • Have the text read back to you as you type. Includes spell check.
  • Download an audio file to listen to at any time.
  • Translate text into 21 languages.
  • Save text and documents to your personal library and retrieve it at any time.
  • Perform a web search on selected words or text.
  • Coordinators can manage groups and users, share documents, activate/deactivate certain features, and appoint other coordinators.

ReadSpeaker webReader includes these additional features:

  • Online content instantly converted to audio with ReadSpeaker webReader’s synthetic speech.
  • Integrated reading and translation tools enable users to read and understand digital content.
  • Just one click and the text on a page is simultaneously read aloud and highlighted so users can follow along, regardless of device or where the user may be.
  • Floating Listen button, player, and toolbar stays visible when scrolling down on a page and can be repositioned by the user.
  • A cloud-based (SaaS) speech solution means no downloads are necessary.

ReadSpeaker docReader includes these additional features:

  • Users will see a ReadSpeaker Listen icon next to their online document link.
  • Clicking the Listen icon opens ReadSpeaker docReader in a new window or tab with the document ready to be listened to.
  • DocReader also can be embedded inside a web page.
  • A toolbar at the top of the page enables the user to browse, read, and listen to the document.
  • When a user clicks the Listen button in the toolbar, the full page will be read section by section in the order defined in the document.
  • Hovering over a section of text enables users to click to listen to that section.
  • Your users can also explicitly select a section of text to be read. They can also control the layout mode, reading speed, and both text appearance and highlighting.

ReadSpeaker formReader includes these additional features:

  • When your users fill out online forms, they can activate ReadSpeaker formReader.
  • As they go through the fields, a voice will tell them what to enter. The text that they enter will also be read.
  • It the accessibility of web forms and enhances the possibility of people filling out the forms.

ReadSpeaker speechCloud API includes these additional features:

  • Increases interactivity and usability by speech-enabling apps and devices.
  • Developers can use it to create talking apps and devices that are populating the Internet of Things.
  • Can be used in the open source communication application platform Asterisk to add text-to-speech capabilities to PBX/IVR systems.

More Information: 

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