Thunder-RJ ScreenReader-on-a-Stick

Product Type: 
Device modifier
Manufacturer Name: 
Approximate Cost: $199.00


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Product Description: 

A portable and simple screenreader that is tailored for blind persons and LD/early readers that may be new to using a computer. Works almost entirely by the standard keyboard navigation controls, the arrow keys.

Main Features: 

  • Echoes each keystroke and word.
  • Selective reading of screen by character, word, line, or an entire page.
  • Selective reading of menus.
  • Reading of dialog boxes and buttons using, mostly, the arrow keys.
  • Has its own web browser that breaks up complex web pages into sequential links and lines of text that users can go through with the arrow keys.
  • For LD and early readers, Thunder-RJ also highlights each word spoken in Microsoft Word.
  • Includes 2 high-quality SAPI-5 compliant voices: RealSpeak Tom and Jennifer. These voices reside on the USB sticks, no installation necessary. 
  • Comes in 3 unique configurations that are completely portable. Each plugs into any PC and makes the applications above talk, instantly, without requiring users to install anything at all. Only access to a USB port is needed.

Primary Specifications: 

Works in Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, Desktop, Explorer, My Computer, Outlook and Outlook Express, Excel.

Options & Accessories: 

  • SW-22-MP3-2GB - Thunder-RJ on MP3 Player/2 GB USB Drive Stick.
    • Screenreader is on an MP3 player / USB thumbstick driver.
    • Able to save MP3 music files (or e-books or podcasts).
  • SW-22-SC-256MB - Thunder-RJ on USB Sound Card/256 MB USB Drive Stick.
    • Contains a USB sound card stick that is also a USB 256 MB thumb drive stick.
    • Contains a headphone port.
  • SW-22-2GB - Thunder-RJ 2GB.
    • Contains a USB drive for storage.
  • SW-22-LAB - Thunder-RJ software only, one facility, multiple computers.
    • Allows user to run Thunder-RJ on multiple computers.

More Information: 

See manufacturer's website