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Unity is a direct selection communicator program designed for use by persons with communication or cognitive disabilities. Users have quick access to both core vocabulary and extended vocabulary consists of the thousands of remaining words that are used less frequently. Unity was designed for people of all ages who communicate by touching the screen with a finger; selecting with their eyes; using a head mouse; or via a switch.

Main Features: 

  • Key options: 4, 8, 15, 28, 36, 45, 60, 84, and 144.
  • Easy access to core words, nouns, and routine messages.
  • Consistent motor plans for words.
  • Two versions:
    • 1-hit – simple language, hundreds of words, limited word endings.
    • Sequenced – complex communication, thousands of words with all words endings.
  • Word Finder: tells users where a word is located.
  • Vocabulary Builder: temporarily limits the amount of vocabulary appearing on the display.
  • Activity Sets: pre-made vocabulary builder sets designed to use during routine activities.
  • Data logging: a tool to help measure and maximize use.
  • Pages for remote controls and computer access.

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