Product Description: 

Wheelmap is a free environmental accessibility mapping program for people with mobility disabilities, walking disabilities, and other disabilities that require that the indoor or outdoor environment be adapted to be completely accessible. The program provides information provided by other Wheelmap users about the accessibility for specific locations.

Main Features: 

  • The app enables users to find, mark, and add accessible and less accessible public places on a virtual map with their smartphone.
  • Users can upload images and add specific information about places. 
  • The information enables mobility-impaired people to find out which underground stations, restaurants, cafés or clubs around them are accessible and which are not. 
  • Users mark the general wheelchair accessibility of a place according to a traffic light system: 
    • Green = fully wheelchair accessible: The entrance is stepless and all rooms are accessible without steps.
    • Yellow = partially wheelchair accessible: The entrance is stepless, but not all rooms inside are accessible without steps. OR: The entrance has a small step and the most important rooms inside are accessible without steps. OR: The entrance has one or two steps, but there is a mobile ramp for bridging those steps and the most important rooms are accessible without steps.
    • Red = not wheelchair accessible: The entrance has a high step (over 7 cm) or several steps.
  • Locations and toilets that still need to be tagged are marked in grey and can be marked by anyone with a few clicks. No registration or login is required.
  • Users can add new locations by entering the address and the exact location directly on OpenStreetMap. The same applies when updating the address or other basic information about a place. 
  • Wheelmap is based on OpenStreetMap and works similar to Wikipedia - everyone can contribute to improving the collected information.
  • Displays wheelchair accessible places from OpenStreetMap as well as from FourSquare, HERE WeGo, Jaccede, AXSMap, and other data sources, which are regularly updated. 
  • Available in 22 languages.

Primary Specifications: 

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android.
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later on iOS devices.

More Information: 

See Wheelmap in Apple’s App Store.

See Wheelmap in Google Play.