Saves converted text as sound file

Screenshot of Studio Recorder interface

Studio Recorder contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading audio books easy.

Books2burn file settings menu.

Books2burn translates text files into a series of audio files (Apple AIFF format) which can then be converted to mp3's or other formats using programs like LAME, iTunes, or other tools available around the net.

Panopreter in packaging.

Panopreter is a text to speech software for Windows users. It reads any text aloud with natural voices, reads files in formats of txt, rtf, doc, pdf and web pages.

Media upload and output format screen for RoboBraille service.

An email and Web-based service capable of automatically transforming documents into a variety of alternate formats for the visually and reading impaired.

Angled view of rectangular software box with red side and cover of box showing images of people working on a computer against a white background.

Converts printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format for use on a computer using speech and the latest optical character recognition technology.

Screenshot of program settings.

The TMspeakdocu Series is a series of programs that converts written text into speech. 

Rectangular device with document scanning platform and control buttons on the front.
This product has been discontinued.

Sensotec Reporter Smart automatic reading system comes with a processor with integrated scanner, 20 languages module and Daisyplayer to read printed text and spoken books in Daisy format, dimensions 53 x 29.5 x 10.5 cm, weight 5.6 kg, colour black/silver. 

A grey scanner device with speakers on the left side and control keys on the front.
This product has been discontinued and is no longer supported and serviced.

A reading system, converting printed text into natural sounding speech, with the ability to connect any Handy Tech Braille display for Braille output. 

Fixed camera above book text and image magnified on laptop screen.

Lex Air is a portable camera system that gives dyslexic users near instant access to practically any physical document.

Laptop with smaller window with magnification of text.

MagniLink iMax provides magnification, contour enhancement, and pointer settings as well as screenreading with high-quality speech output.