Person-to-Person Communication

Person to person communication applies to any system that allows a single person to talk to another single person, though the system may be used to address small groups.  For some, the need for assistive technology because of weaknesses in being able to speak clearly, and for others, it is related to the inability to hear others clearly.  The types of accommodation that are needed depends on how the participants in a conversation are attempting to communicate.

  • Telephones can be difficult to use for people who cannot hear well, but also for those who have difficulty seeing to dial or those who cannot hold a handset.
  • A good deal of short communication, today, occurs through chat, short message services, or email.  The conventional programs can be difficult to use for some people.
  • Programs like Skype and FaceTime have brought video conferencing to everyday communication, but may be difficult for some to use.
  • Even when immediate communication is not required, paging services are often used by professionals, including those with disabilities.
  • For people who have difficulty making themselves understood, Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems can give a voice to the voiceless.
  • Some people have difficulty hearing what is being said to them, especially in conference rooms, classrooms, and theaters.  Assisted listening systems can bring the sound directly to a listener with difficulty hearing.
  • Some modern technology is able to send sound directly to a person's hearing aids.  These accommodations can make hearing much more direct for a person who is hard-of-hearing.

What kind of accommodation are you looking for?

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  • Telephones (120) - Accommodations for hearing, vision, and movement for conventional telephones
  • Chat/Email/SMS (30) - Accommodations for people who are sending short messages in text
  • Video Conferencing (10) - Accommodations to allow both seeing and hearing the person at a distance while conversing
  • Paging Systems (2) - "Call me as soon as you can" systems
  • Augmentative Communication Systems (318) - Supports or replaces natural speech for face-to-face communication
  • Assisted Listening (61) - Allows more focused sound for those with limited hearing
  • Accommodations for Hearing Aids (15) - Tools that work in conjunction with the user's hearing aids
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