A telephone is intended to allow a person the hear ("phone") at a distance ("tele").  But using a modern telephone depends on other abilities as well.

  • People with limited or no hearing may require amplified sound or text of what is spoken to use a telephone effectively or may need assistance even to know that a call is arriving.
  • Most people use some form of assistance remembering and dialing numbers, often in the form of print.  Even seeing the controls of the phone can be difficult, especially for small cell phones.
  • For people who have difficulty dialing numbers correctly, accommodations that associate pictures or spoken words with people are available.
  • Many of us are annoyed by unwanted calls or calls at times when they are not wanted.  Accommodations to manage such calls can be essential to some people.
  • For people who have difficulty holding, carrying, charging, or otherwise managing their phone, various accessories are available to simplify the task of using the phone.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

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  • Help with Hearing (51) - Allows use of telephones by people with limited hearing, including using vision
  • Help with Seeing (24) - Magnify screens or keypads for users with low vision
  • Help with making calls (44) - Aids to making calls to the intended person
  • Help with Managing Calls (10) - Limit who is able to call, or when and how often calls are received
  • Phone Accessories (6) - Enhance the ability of a person to hold or use a telephone through add-on devices
  • Other (19) - Products in the "Telephones" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above