Daily Living

Daily life can be sufficiently complex for people without disabilities to feel out of control.  When a person is also coping with a disability, support through assistive technology can make the difference between independence and requiring continuous support from caregivers.

  • Many daily life tasks such as time and budget management can be challenging.  Personal support assistance can help a person manage their life.
  • The challenges of independent living also involve managing one's home, including controlling its features and assuring security.
  • In addition to distracting entertainment technologies, modern car electronics, both built-in and added-on can make driving safer for a person with mild cognitive deficits.

What kind of accommodations are you looking for?

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  • Personal Support (433) - Assistance with self-care and self management tasks.
  • Home Management (99) - Control, monitor, and maintain safety in the home.
  • Car Electronics (3) - Make the automobile a supportive part of your life.
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