Undirected activity ("Play") is an important way of managing stress and learning about the world. For people with physical, cognitive, or sensory limitations, conventional play activities can be difficult, and modified or accommodated versions of the activities may be required.

  • The objects used in these unstructured activities (Toys) can be built in ways that make them more easily used by people (often children) with disabilities.
  • When play involves another person, it is often in the form of a game.  Games created for able-bodied individuals are often difficult to control for those with disabilities, and accommodations must be added to allow interactive use.
  • Some games are created with accessible controls so that, out of the box, they can be used by a wide range of individuals.
  • There is a wide range of alternative controls that can be added to accessible games to provide an appropriate match to the needs of each individual.
  • Not all play involves competition with others.  An important type of undirected activity is found in drawing and art, both in its production and appreciation.


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