Adds Communication to another device

Programs and services that add communication capabilities to other devices can be described by the type of device that the capabilities are being added to.  While early systems added AAC abilities to desktop computers, these lack portability.  Modern systems are best classified by the operating systems of the portable devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that host them.

What operating system are you planning to add communication to?

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  • Android Devices (38) - Works with cell phones and tablets running the Android operating system.
  • iOS devices (83) - Works with phones and tablets from Apple, Inc.
  • MacOS Computers (10) - Works with desktop and laptop computers from Apple, Inc.
  • Windows Computers (48) - Works with phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers running the Windows operating system.
  • Other (18) - Products in the "Adds Communication to another device" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above