Using Computer for some activity or support

While for some people, using a computer is an end in itself (e.g. playing computer games), for others, the computer is used to do something.  Working from the personal to the tool, these uses might be considered to fall into some broad categories.

  • Many of the applications of computer technology are to provide personal support: performing basic life tasks that are less convenient or even impossible for a person with a disability without assistance.
  • Various types of computer technology can be used to communicate between people.  This includes voice communication as well as email, texting, and other non-voice communication methods.
  • People with limited movement can use computer technology to control their physical world, turning lights and devices on or off, changing the station on their entertainment device, or learning more about what is happening around them.
  • Educational software can be used in conjunction with a human teacher in a classroom, or independently for life-long learning.
  • Many jobs now depend on computer technology, and even those that do not may use computers to provide guidance or assistance.
  • For clinicians, computer-based evaluations can provide insight into cognitive, communication or other types of disorder that are difficult to evaluate without such technology.

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