Spoken and other sound output

Most languages have a very helpful feature: they have both a written and a spoken version.  In general, the two can be used interchangeably.  This means that text displayed on the be read aloud to the user.  

While reading text aloud seems simple, there are steps to the process and additional accommodations that may make it more functional.

  • The process of reading the displayed text is known as Screen Reading.  Some screen readers do more for the user than others.
  • Some synthetic voices are adequate for short text, but quickly become annoying or tiring over time.  Others sound good at normal speaking rates, but not at reading speeds.  Alternative voices can be added to many devices to meet individual needs.
  • On many devices, the built-in sound production is not adequate for long-term use, possibly requiring holding a device or not having adequate volume.  For such devices, add-on speakers may improve usability.
  • Some devices may not be delivered with the ability to produce sound.  Add on systems to support screen reading (audio interfaces) may be required.

What type of accommodation are you looking for?

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