Teaching Materials

Accessible teaching materials commonly provide access to the mainstream materials that non-disabled students use.  These materials come in many formats, just as conventional classroom materials do.

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  • Educational Software (140) - Software designed to teach specific lessons.
  • Newspapers (8) - Local, regional, or national news publications, including news magazines in accessible formats.
  • Journals (3) - Scholarly, generally peer reviewed, publications in accessible formats
  • Videos (11) - Video, animation, or other moving content used for teaching.
  • Websites (19) - Web-based educational content
  • DVDs (17) - Optical disks used to store videos or other content with accessibility features.
  • Braille (10) - Educational materials printed in Braille, including tactile graphics and embossed text.
  • Books (38) - Long-form, written educational content, including popular writings, used in the classroom.
  • Other (57) - Products in the "Teaching Materials" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above