Some types of educational accommodation are primarily used by teachers. These include locating teaching materials that have been designed to be accessible and presenting lessons in ways that include all students.

Students often need accommodations to allow full participation in the classroom, or to complete their homework assignments.

Both teachers and students often need to create web pages as a way to provide information to others.

Which of these types of accommodation are you looking for?

Which of these types of accommodation are you looking for?

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  • Teaching Materials (257) - Course materials, books, websites, that have access features
  • Classroom Presentation Tools (45) - Tools to present course materials in ways that accommodate teachers or students with disabilities
  • Web Editors (3) - Website creation tools that have accessible features, and/or that create sites with such features
  • Student tools for the classroom (329) - Tools and materials to support student activities in the classroom
  • Student tools for homework (367) - Tools to help a student with limitations to complete out-of-class work to further their education.
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