Student tools for homework

Much of the work of education takes place outside the classroom.  Teachers assign projects to be completed individually or as part of a group after school hours.  The student with a disability may require assistance to complete such assignments, in the form of accommodations to provide access to the tools and materials rquired for the assighment.  These can take several forms:

  • A student with low-vision or learning disorder may require assistance reading documents that are assigned.
  • For mathematics, the student may require aids for calculation or manipulation of symbols.
  • Most homework is completed on a computer.  The student may require tools to provide access to the computer.
  • In addition to accessing the computer, the student may require assistance through special programs or software.


What type of accommodation are you looking for?

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  • Document Readers (176) - Tools to read print or electronic documents in the students home or study area.
  • Mathematics Aids (26) - Tools to allow the student with a disability to learn and perform mathematical operations.
  • Computer Use Tools (68) - Tools that modify the input and output of computers and gaming systems, or otherwise allow the student to access electronic educational content.
  • Programs/Software (122) - Technology-based tools to help the student complete assignments for their education.
  • Other (17) - Products in the "Student tools for homework" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above