Click Assist

Change the timing or responsiveness of a switch
Angled view of software box showing an image of a sky with clouds striped across the middle of the box with the program's name on it.

A mouse emulator program designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries, arthritis, or upper extremity or neurological disabilities that eliminates the need to click the mouse.  

Screenshot showing cursor selection options, including two green go buttons, a red pause button, and a settings option.

A mouse emulator program designed for use by individuals that have difficulty accessing standard mouse buttons and who use a head pointing device.

Screenshot of software showing menu of buttons on left and image of plans on right.

Software that when combined with an eye tracker enables computer access on a Windows PC via eye gaze and switch input, replacing the standard keyboard and mouse. 

Main menu in the form of a control panel with various options settings and click boxes and menu options across bottom.

Allows any user that can operate a pointing device to have the computer do mouse functions.

Small, rectangular device with led screen and accompanying.

This infrared receiver allows you to move your computer mouse cursor, and therefore to control your computer when combined with an onscreen keyboard software.

Small black device attached to a long black arm with a small black device at the end.

A wireless, multipurpose contactless puff switch that enables users to control most assistive technology systems.

X-Mouse Button Control logo

XMouse Button Control (XMBC) allows you to create application and window specific profiles.

Dragger toolbar showing a double click, right click, middle click, or left, right and middle drag.

Dragger is a software utility for manipulating the left, right, and middle mouse buttons of a standard mouse or mouse emulator often used by people who have physical motor challenges.

Oblong device with one central button mounted to underside of monitor.

IntelliGaze Cam30NT is an eye tracking camera and an alternative PC mouse input system.

Image has a white rectangular box like device, it is narrower on the smaller sides. There is a round black button at the center of the device. on the left side of the device there are 1 USB port and 1 audio port.

Full Featured Hands Free Mouse.