Make the content of electronic documents larger on the device display for easier reading. Also includes changing foreground and background colors, or removing distractors.
 Large black monitor attached to a stand with large dials on bottom left and right. The stand is attached to a large flat black surface for placing documents.

A foldable desktop video magnifier with an HD monitor and compact design.

Small rectangular electronic device with black frame and LCD display showing lines of enlarged text.

A handheld video magnifier that features a 7” LCD screen with anti-glare coating, an HD camera, and a built-in stand.

Large blue, orange, and red translucent cough drop shapes overlaid on each other.

A cross-platform, open-source augmentative and alternative communication app for people with complex communication needs.

Front view of transparent glasses.

Transparent glasses that redefine augmented reality (AR) with a Si-OLED display.

ReadIt App Icon next to laptop displaying software in use on screen.

Software designed specifically for low vision and blind users, enabling them to read any printed or electronic format document.

Medium-sized grey device with a rectangular screen with a black background that says the word "zoom" in high-contrast yellow font. To the right of the screen, there are two round menu buttons, one blue and one yellow.

Portable video magnifier device for users with low vision.

Collapsible video magnifier with tray for text material and extended tray for camera to display the zoomed text on screen.

Touchscreen tablet with an integrated digital magnifier.

Gray kitchen mouse hovering over cookbook with black display screen mounted against wall showing magnified recipe text.

Magnification system consisting of two components, a small camera device and a magnified viewing screen for displaying content.