Screen Reading

Read text on the screen aloud.
A user sits at a desk with a computer monitor and keyboard in front of him. The screen is black.

A text file reading system controlled by the keyboard and its interface, as the program responds to users through spoken messages. It is suitable for blind and visually impaired users.

A white screen with black text inside a gray box with menu options at the bottom.
A program designed to have an automated system convert text files to mp3 to play on an mp3 player. Designed for people with visual difficulties to have an easy system to convert a book or document text to voice. 
A white keyboard with gray keys and a blue screen above the keys.

A voice/typewriter device that helps users communicate and control surroundings.

Screenshot of word lookup function showing a window for a word at the top and various use options below.

A comprehensive French language dictionary that read text aloud without leaving the current application. It allows the reader to look up a word without knowing exactly how it is spelled.

A dark blue background with a white and red envelope graphic.

Voice-output app that allows users to listen to emails read out loud. The app is gesture-based and was designed to help users quickly sort through unread mail in their inboxes.

A dark blue background with a white and red open book graphic.

Uses text-to-speech (TTS) to read digital articles, documents, and books out loud.

A medium-sized brown device resembling an electric typewriter next to a large white device resembling a scanner.

Dual braille/print printing system designed for individuals who are blind or have low vision.

A medium-sized black device with a built-in speaker, roughly the size of a smartphone. Next to it are white earbuds and a USB cord.

A compliant full speed USB device that converts standard ASCII text into audible speech output for users with visual impairments or print disabilities.

The words "Internet Speech" in blue and yellow, with a telephone graphic alongside.

Voice input and voice output web browser that users can operate via a telephone line.

Screenshot of Web browser-like window with a text input box. Above, the word "Speech" in black italic font.

An online text-to-speech application designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision or speech disabilities.