Alternative Key Arrangement

keys and display screen

The Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad is usable in Calculator Mode or Keypad Mode, and features a brushed-aluminum finish that pairs with Apple products. Can also be used wirelessly with a computer as a number-pad

On-screen keyboard includes function keys and some other modifier keys such as insert, delete, home, end, page up, and page down.

SofType is a software utility which replaces the functionality of a desktop keyboard with a full-featured on-screen keyboard.

4Key X-keys Programmable Keyboard;  4 keys in a row with small controller about the size of two keys on one end.

A custom controller with four to sixteen keys with addressable backlighting in a compact, low profile footprint.

Image shows the device which looks like a game controller, with keys distributed in 3 sections. It also has a trackball towards right side.

A game controller like device with the functionality of a keyboard and mouse.

Perspective view of the Acticomm station on wheels with a mount for a display screen

Enabling people with different disabilities to communicate with each other.

Keys with a row of yellow, horizontal keys at the far-end; a set of keys on a inclined surface at on the right; and, a set of keys arranged along a vertically curved surface.

An ergonomic keyboard designed for people who need to type with one hand. Typing speeds of 85 WPM are possible with this keyboard.

Multi-colored braille keyboard.

The Portset BrailleKey provides an easy and simple solution for adding a Braille Keyboard to a Personal Computer, Laptop, MAC iPad, Android Tablet. 

A grey device with six circular buttons on the top and three buttons on the bottom, see description for details

A portable braille keyboard that can be connected to your phone, netbook, PC or tablet and used to write SMS, do 6-key entry into your favourite Braille translator, or simply type.