Dedicated AAC Device

Some dedicated communication devices are very limited and intended for only the most limited needs, such as calling for assistance.  Other devices are intended to allow complex and unplanned communication.  The complexity of the controls available is one way to divide such devices.

  • Single button devices generally have the ability to speak 1 to six messages (in rotation) and offer little control over what is said.
  • Multi-button devices may have from two to over 100 individual controls and can meet a wide range of communication needs.

What type of communication device are you looking for?

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  • Single Button Device (15) - Devices with only a single user control, and limited range of communication.
  • Multi-Button Device (91) - Up to 100 control buttons, and more communication options.
  • Other (14) - Products in the "Dedicated AAC Device" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above