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In assistive technology, software can be the destination, or enable access to the destination. For example, if a person needs to write a report, they might use an accessible word processor (Productivity Software), or they might use Access Software to allow use of a standard word processor. Similarly, AT might provide access to mainstream entertainment, or may create entertainment specifically designed for people with disability, such as tools that compensate for the inability to see a game, versus games that do not require vision. AT software can also be used to create accessible websites and materials, or to assess the accessibility of sites that already exist.

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  • AT Access Software (30) - Software to allow alternative access to computers, cell phones, and other devices.
  • AT Productivity Software (195) - Tools to allow a person with a disability perform educational or work-related tasks.
  • Create Accessible Materials and Resources (35) - Create and evaluate documents for access by people using alternative access methods.
  • Other (65) - Products in the "AT Software" category that do not fit into one or more of the categories above